What Should I Know About H-1B, L-1B, and TN Visas?

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Put simply, you cannot accept a temporary job position in the United States without having the proper visa. But with so many visa options at your disposal, you may be unsure which one is the easiest and overall most fitting to apply for. Follow along to find out the differences between H-1B, L-1B, and TN visas and how a proficient Baltimore County, Maryland employment immigration lawyer at the Sheri Hoidra Law Office, LLC can help you select the one that works in your best interest.

What is the difference between H-1B visas and L-1B visas?

First of all, an H-1B visa is a type of non-immigrant work visa that will allow you to be temporarily employed in the United States if you hold a specialty position. Such a specialty position generally requires a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent level of education, and they are generally in the fields of information technology, finance, engineering, and architecture. An H-1B visa will have a cumulative maximum duration of six years.

On the other hand, an L-1B visa is also a type of non-immigrant work visa, but instead, it will allow you to do an intracompany transfer to the United States if you hold specialized knowledge in your field. Such specialized knowledge generally has to do with petitioning a company’s products, services, research, equipment, techniques, management, and other interests and their application in international markets. With extensions, an L-1B visa can last a cumulative maximum duration of seven years.

Are H-1B visas more beneficial than TN visas?

Notably, the TN visa is modeled after the H-1B visa. It is a type of non-immigrant work visa that may only be used if you are Canadian or Mexican and you are seeking temporary employment in the United States. What’s more, you must have a certain level of education, along with working at a professional level within one of the 63 approved occupations.

The H-1B visa is seen as beneficial because it is not limited by nationality or by occupation. Though, a TN visa also has its own set of benefits, which are as follows:

  • It doe snot have a minimum wage requirement.
  • It does not have a yearly cap limit.
  • It has an indefinite number of extensions.
  • It has relatively fast processing times.
  • It is relatively cost-effective.
  • It is relatively simple to switch employers.
  • You may apply at the port of entry.

The bottom line is that the most beneficial visa for you is dependent on your unique set of circumstances. With all that being said, if you wish to receive work authorization in the United States, you must consult with a talented Baltimore County, Maryland immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Schedule your initial consultation with us today.